Ideologies and its Cultural Impact on Disability in China

Traditions carry a sense of history and cultural importance, though they can become toxic if they are exceedingly glamorized . . . read more

Absolutist and Traditionalist Structures

The PBS NewsHour interview, although occasionally imposing ableist notions, reveals how an artist’s career in classical music is complicated and even jeopardized when they possess a disability. . . read more

Disability and Representation

This raises questions about disability culture and its representation: is culture an inherent quality? Should Quasthoff, Glennie, and Perlman feel obligated to represent the disabled community? . . . read more

Being a Product of Circumstance: An Analysis of Machismo and Mulataje in Cultural Identity through the Works of Elizabeth Acevedo and Junot Diaz

Both portrayals of machismo in Diaz’s and Acevedo’s works, display the ways that this component interacts with Latino culture. . . read more